Live Visit is another client benefit highlight on® that enables clients to participate in a live talk with a USPS® Client Administration Agent with the end goal to get specialized help and support, get questions replied, or discover more data about a specific item or administration.

At the point when is Live Talk Accessible?

Live Visit is accessible from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time (ET), 7 days seven days, including occasions. Outside of Live Visit hours, clients will be coordinated to the Email Us page on where they can leave a composed message with their inquiry or demand for help.

Where is Live Visit accessible on®?

Live Visit can be started by the client at specific areas inside 4 benefits on to help clients with issues and questions including:

Client Enrollment

Secret key reset


MAV-DAKJan ’17

Not the 1-800 number with mechanized framework.

I figure I don’t comprehend your inquiry. You need to chat with USPS client benefit yet not through the client benefit telephone number? They don’t have a non-robotized Toll Free number – on the off chance that they offered it, nobody would call the computerized number ever.

In the event that you are searching for the enchantment approach to break through to converse with a human, here is the means to do as such from the toll free number:

Call 800-275-8777 or 1-800-ASK-USPS

Whenever incited, Press 0

Trust that the mechanized administrator will begin talking, squeeze 0 once more

Trust that the orderly will talk once more, and continue rehashing this procedure (squeezing 0) until the point that you are coordinated to an agent.

We for the most part never call the Client Administration number. Incline toward managing straightforwardly with our PO or the purchaser PO for help. On the off chance that this is the thing that your searching for basically go a ‘Google’ scan for ‘Mail station’ and the goal Postal division (i.e. Mail station 30303). This will give you the neighborhood PO number to chat with somebody there.

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vogueyouJan ’17

Relies upon area.

Google postal district + USPS

baerJan ’17

I’m attempting to locate the immediate number to the call focus. I made a comparable inquiry 2 years prior and somebody gave a telephone number that avoids the computerized procedure. In the past I could look through my gathering post to get the number again however I cannot discover a choice to look through my 2015 posts.

The most ideal approach to manage an issue (as I would see it) relies on the issue.

On the off chance that the bundle is trapped, heading off to the USPS site and asking for email refreshes much of the time “unsticks it”

On the off chance that that does not work, I will check with my nearby mail station and request that they look into the following number – they see what we don’t. (each bundle is, when filtered, shot – the mail station can see the bundle, the name wherever it is examined)

In the event that that does not work, I will call USPS and hold up in line on hold (or utilize the cool “get back to” framework so I don’t get a sore ear). They react to amazon issues – even fbm amazon issues exceptionally well – and will put a tracer on a bundle appropriate off… Bundle dependably appears.

On the off chance that the bundle appears as conveyed yet the client can’t discover it, I call the mail station of conveyance (look by postal division on the USPS site) and can get more data and great help.

I don’t call or need to do much about bundles all the time, however when I do, I get a decent reaction and help.

I backed, in 2009 or something like that, have an issue with a crackpot at our nearby mail station who debilitated us – revealed to us we were not permitted to deliver with the USPS since we had two or three bundles with prepaid postage names that were sent the day preceding the date on the bundle … I was given the quantity of the Center point and worked it out with a director – we didn’t press the issue, yet he upheld off – turned out his better half had abandoned him and taken their five kids and he was going postal…

I kept that number as back up for quite a while – at that point the inside was shut when USPS completed a re-orchestrate a couple of years prior.

I don’t comprehend what your issue is, yet the USPS enable number to can guide you to whatever you require if your neighborhood office does not help